Visual storytelling: Awaken emotions with videos.

We provide customized video solutions. Inspire your potential guests with your own unique story - as told by one of our videos. We believe that panoramas and photos are important, and even essential for a professional website presence. But those who want to tell a story or visualize a company’s image/philosophy simply cannot do without a professional video. We offer you various concepts and options for producing a video for an optimal price/performance ratio.

Areal videos

“Aerial videos” from the bird’s eye view/filmed with a remote-controlled multicopter

Our remote-controlled high-tech multicopters permit extremely quiet approaches and flyovers, providing a fast, perfect overview. Generated with 4K resolution, these images are the ideal complement or introduction to your promotional video.

Hotel di Garda
Aerial videos, a breathtaking bird’s eye view. Are you curious? We will be glad to give you more information:

Image videos

Image videos - professional and affordable

Present your message on the Internet or offline in optimal quality. Companies, hotels, theme parks, ships and tourist attractions can be perfectly featured with almost limitless design options.
Image videos allow you to present your philosophy, story and company and give the viewer an impressive picture of your world.
Are you curious? We will be glad to give you more information:

Everything from one source

Take advantage of our combination shoots! Combining panoramas, photography and video results in lower prices, since some costs are one-time costs. Furthermore, pre-decorated and prepared spaces and personnel save time and lead to fewer interruptions to your operations.