Good pictures are not a coincidence!

Highly professional image material in media is more important than ever. It’s a good thing, then, that moving-pictures offers all the necessary services for creating perfect images from one source: photography - image editing - execution.
Our skilled photographers will create images for you using their state-of-the-art equipment, which is always at the highest technical standard. Professional execution and image editing is also done using the latest software.
Flexible, professional and at an excellent price/performance ratio: All your wishes will be fulfilled!

Architecture / interior / arrangements

An image is particularly powerful when the details have been meticulously taken into account in its composition. Architecture and the appearance of the natural environment are just as important as the interior and arrangements.

Then the professional image editing takes place (in house), including HDR, retouching (e.g. the view from a window depicted within the image) and post-processing. Finally, the entire photographic material is delivered as a comprehensive, complete package, including image copyrights.

Lifestyle photography

moving-pictures is specialized in the design and organization of challenging lifestyle shoots. We help our customers create photo concepts and book models and also take care of the shoot scheduling and management. Our wealth of experience gained from many international projects helps us fulfill the most varied of project requirements. Here too the project culminates in the delivery of the entire photographic material as a comprehensive, complete package, including image copyrights.

Aerial photos

The professional use of the latest high-tech multicopters and high tripods produces versatile perspectives. The direct transmission of the image makes a so-called “liveview” possible, which gives our customers full image control so that they can achieve the desired angles and settings. Rooftops are boring... Let us use our experience in more than 1,000 projects to perfectly set the scene for your property.

Food photos

Moving-Pictures has also specialized in the sensitive and creative realization of high-quality food photography. Our services include the development of a customized photo concept specifically tailored to the presentation of culinary delights. We coordinate the selection and booking of specialized food stylists and ensure careful planning and execution of the photo shoot. Thanks to our extensive experience with international projects, we can flexibly respond to diverse requirements in the field of food photography. At the end of the process, we provide all the photographic material as a comprehensive package, including all image rights, for our clients.

Everything from one source

Take advantage of our combination shoots! Combining panoramas, photography and video results in lower prices, since some costs are one-time costs. Furthermore, pre-decorated and prepared spaces and personnel save time and lead to fewer interruptions to your operations.