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Since 2002 moving-pictures has been specialized in professional visualization featuring high-quality 360° panoramas, photos and videos. As an agency headquartered in Allgäu at the edge of the Alps, we mainly serve the hotel sector, tourism industry, shipping companies and booking portals worldwide.
Our visual products are an important component of your marketing and ideally suited for social media, Google, your website, print media, and more. With our customized, impressive visualization, potential guests are inspired to book and expectations are entirely fulfilled.

360° panoramas

Take advantage of the potential of high-quality virtual 360° tours. More than 3,000 implemented projects have turned us into much-in-demand experts.


The perfect picture makes a world of difference! We will work with you to find a customized solution, all the while being creative, flexible and cost-conscious.


Inspire your potential guests with your own unique story in the form of an active storytelling video.

Virtual Reality

The devices needed for virtual reality are reminiscent of diving or ski goggles and go by such names as “HTC VIVE”, “Samsung Gear VR” or “Google Cardboard”. Instead of lenses, VR goggles have a screen (e.g. a smartphone) and record the wearer’s head movements.
Our brilliant 360° panoramas in combination with so-called VR goggles give the viewer an intense and impressive all-around view. Thanks to viewer interaction, the virtual tour becomes an exciting experience that allows viewers to really see their holiday destinations – before they even get there.

Customers and partners

Renowned companies trust in the competence and quality of moving-pictures.

Why choose moving-pictures?


As a leading provider worldwide, we set new standards, so we always stay one step ahead of developments. As our customer you can rest assured that you will not only receive expert assistance, but will always be up to date.

Our mission is to produce top-quality visual products, so on Google too we always use only the very best quality. By placing your 360° tour on Google you will reach even more customers online.
Excellent value
for money

At moving-pictures we offer high-end visualization at fair, one-off, all-inclusive prices with a comprehensive package of services. You too will be impressed by the value for money of moving-pictures products.

Over the years that we have been in business we have formed many exclusive business partnerships. We are the only provider in Europe to integrate virtual tours alongside web pages free of charge on booking portals. Virtual tours can also be integrated into other sites, including Facebook and Google.

We have created professional visual representations of around 130 tourist regions over the years, which means we have valuable 360° panorama content that our clients are welcome to use free of charge.